Phat Analog I & II by Easy Sounds

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Phat Analog I & II by Easy Sounds

#1 Post by hunz » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:38 pm

The two Phat Analog Libraries represent to me some of the best sound programming on the MONTAGE. This is really an amazing feat and I find that it really complements the MONTAGE in many ways.

Phat Analog I
  • Includes an emulation of the Minimoog (Leadsynth) and Jupiter 8 (Pads & Arpeggiosounds).
  • A main emphasis are typical Minimoog synthleads. But also other spectacular synthleads like sync-lead (oscillator sync) or distorted leads with similar sound like Jan Hammer or Jordan Rudess are highlights of the product.
  • Further there are many synths of the categories synthbass, synthstrings, synthpads, synthbass, sequencer and noise soundeffects.
  • The Samples were produced mainly with the famous synths Minimoog and Jupiter 8 („JP-8“).
Phat Analog II
  • Includes an emulation of Oberheim (OBX, OB8, Matrix12...) and Jupiter-8 (JP-8) sounds.
  • While the first volume of Phat Analog includes mainly synth leads featuring Mini Moog the emphasis of the second volume are polyphonic synths like synthbrass, synthstrings, pads and synthcomps. But also some synth leads, sequencer- and arpeggiosounds and FX-sounds are part of the soundlibrary.
  • Oberheim synths are known for their synthbrass like sound capabilities that were used by many artists (Toto, van Halen, to name but a few). During the work with the new samples inside the Motif it became obvious that the basic material is suited for sounds of categories like SynthComp, SynthPad, SynthStrings, SynthLeads and SynthBass too.

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Re: Phat Analog I & II by Easy Sounds

#2 Post by nogsf » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:10 am

those sets sounds beautiful. this is what i need. maybe they have some rebates for black friday? i might buy a few!

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Re: Phat Analog I & II by Easy Sounds

#3 Post by lufia » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:28 pm

thanks for the heads up! sounds very useful.. almost like the real deal i'd say!
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Re: Phat Analog I & II by Easy Sounds

#4 Post by MontaSynt » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:25 pm

The Phat Analog I & II by Easy Sounds are very good multiple sound sets , Now there is also the newest phat analog part 3. that offers again amazing single parts & multi parts / scenes performances with many arpeggio's and mix - effects setting options.
i recorded and edit a multi parts /scenes performance plus some extra solo instruments. [ phat analog part 3 ] multi track recordin music production demo. >> <<

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