Moessieurs 2018/02/24 update

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Moessieurs 2018/02/24 update

#1 Post by Moessieurs » Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:10 pm

Hello Montage friends, here is details about the new Moessieurs update.
Even if the site is on French, you can use the Google translator tools to understand most of the information's.
Go to the "news" on the Menu to have the update resume and shortcuts to the web pages.

You will find on this update:

• Montage: Blake, Phil, Dom and Christian Namm presentation videos:
Yamaha have record Blake, Phil, Dom and Christian Namm presentations outside visit hours to have a better audio quality, you can see now this four videos.

• Montage : John Melas Montage Tools/Total Librarian presentation:
Moessieurs purpose you a Total Librarian overview inside Montage Tools.

• Montage: John Melas Montage Performance Editor mise à jour 1.1.0:
Moessieurs purpose you a Performance Editor 1.1.0 update overview inside Montage Tools.

• John Melas: Performance Editor Effects pad:
Effects pad on John Melas Performance Editor screen is now fully explain on a new Moessieurs page.

• Montage: MontagePerformanceDump for Yamaha Montage OS 2.00:
New "MontagePerformanceDump" update is online.
This version 1.2.0 made by Jean is dedicated to Montage OS 2.00 and will not work with previous Montage OS versions.
You can find on a new Moessieurs dedicated webpage all informations about this update.

• Montage: Gerrit Bosman: new performances set 3:
Gerrit Bosman have release "Performance Set 3" he's new sound bank for Yamaha Montage with 60 new performances using internal Montage sounds/waveforms.
Sound bank complete performances list is available on the dedicated Moessieurs webpage.

• Montage: Moessieurs performances: Rock With You - Michael Jackson:
Moessieurs purpose you one new performance in Montage Connect file format to play Rock With You - Michael Jackson.

Nice surf on Yamaha Montage Community forum, Moessieurs and he's Facebook webpage.
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