Moessieurs 2017/11/06 update

This is the place to discuss what's new and upcoming, as well as what we wish the MONTAGE to be.
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Moessieurs 2017/11/06 update

#1 Post by Moessieurs » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:03 pm

Hello Montage friends, with a little late, here is details about the new Moessieurs update.

Even if the site is on French, you can use the google translator tools to understand most of the information's.
Go to the "news" on the Menu to have the update resume and shortcuts to the web pages.

• Montage : new Easy Sounds Bank FM-Xperience:
Easy Sounds have released on october 30 he's new Montage sound bank "FM-Xperience".
- 96 Multi Part Performances
- 176 Single Part Performances
- 64 Drum Performances
You can find all information's and explanations about this fabulous sound bank 100% FM-X on dedicated Moessieurs webpage.

• Montage : Ksounds Epic Grand:
Retrieve all information's and explanations about Epic Grand Ksounds on dedicated Moessieurs webpage and the Ksounds video & free demo version information.

• Soundmit at Turin:
From november 3 to 5 at Turin it was the SoundMit, for this European meeting, Yamaha have release on Yamahasynths facebook page videos streaming, i have select 3 of them:
- Pianist, keyboardist, programmer and sound designer Manuele Montesanti.
Manuele have expertly demonstrating the MONTAGE, in particular the new features that come with O.S 1.60 plus the MX series with the FM essential app.
- Music Production specialist Hans-Peter Henkel have demonstrate the real time control of the FM-X synth engine of the MONTAGE, Easy Sounds bank is FM-Xprience have been used in this demonstration.
- Manuele Montesanti & Álvaro Gandul García for a duo performance, they have showing what the MONTAGE and Reface YC can do!

• Yamaha Music Production Guide 08-2017:
- Montage : Insert, System and Master FX.
- Remote control : Cubase VST Quick Controls.

• Montage: Moessieurs translation in French of Peter Krischker Montage remote control of Cubase VST Quick Control article:
French translation with Retrologue example, more detailled screen shoot and some additionnal tips.

• Montage: new Moessieurs video: Motion Sequencer Copy/Exchange (French, subtitle English):
This Motion Sequencer video let you discovering Lane & Motion Sequence copy/exchange functions from/to Knob Auto, Common and Part's.

• Add, changes and pages update:
- Montage > AWM2 > Edit Common > Motion Seq > Common: Motion Seq Common screen explanation for AWM2 part.
- Montage > AWM2 > Edit Common > Motion Seq > Lane: Lane screen explanation for AWM2 part.
- Montage > Presentations > Sound Bank > Easy Sounds: présentation de FM-Xperience
- Montage > Presentations > Sound Bank > Ksounds: Epic Grand
- Montage > Presentations > Videos > Soundmit 2017.
- Montage > Daw > Cubase > Quick Control: Moessieurs translation of article Montage remote control of Cubase VST Quick Control.
- Montage> Performance> Download> Moessieurs: Moessieurs Performance: Torn - Nathalie Imbruglia.

Pages update :
- Montage > Motion Sequencer > Generality: add Moessieurs Motion sequencer fourth video.

Nice surf on The Unofficial Yamaha Montage Community, Moessieurs and he's Facebook webpage.
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