Moessieurs 2018/08/19 update

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Moessieurs 2018/08/19 update

#1 Post by Moessieurs » Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:57 pm

Hello Montage friends, here is details about the new Moessieurs update.

Even if the site is on French, you can use the Google translator tools to understand most of the information's.
Go to the "news" on the Menu to have the update resume and shortcuts to the web pages.

You will find on this update:

• Montage: new Moessieurs video: A/D input Drum Loop, audio player & Synth (French subtitle english):
In this video we are going to see the settings to connect an iPad or an audio player or a synth to the Montage A/D Input and the OS 2.0 function Global A/D Input.

• Montage: Sample Robot available online:
After a long wait, finally Sample Robot is online.
You will find on Moessieurs two dedicate pages : download and install and also do not forget free new samples files provide with Sample Robot.

• Montage: new Moessieurs page: AWM2 - Edit Element - Filter - Type:
Let's continu AWM2 exploration with Edit Element > Filter > Filter > Type.

• Montage: "patch" list Moessieurs OS 2.50 Cubase, Sonar et Pro Tools:
As promis, OS 2.50 presets patch list are available on Moessieurs for Cubase .txt, Sonar .ins et Pro Tools .midnam.

• Montage: new Moessieurs page: Remote:

Before to record the Moessieurs video, the Remote web page is online, it take also some YMPG software pictures for software others than Cubase and links to download Yamaha templates for Cubase, Pro Tools, Sonar and Ableton Live.

• Easy Sounds Energy Legacy series - Energy:

Easy have release for Montage Legacy Series "Energy" review and optimize for Montage:

- 24 Multi Part Performances
- 128 Single Part Performances
- 8 Drum Performances
- 256 User Arpeggios
- 128 User Waveforms / 135 MB Samples

• New Yamaha Music Production Guide is available on download.

• Montage: new video Evolving Soundscape by APP SOUND.

• Montage: new FM-X composition from Philippe Lakdari.

• Montage: two new vidéos from SoundssandGear.

Nice surf on Unofficial Yamaha Montage Community forum, Moessieurs and he's Facebook webpage.
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