Moessieurs 2018/07/08 update

This is the place to discuss what's new and upcoming, as well as what we wish the MONTAGE to be.
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Moessieurs 2018/07/08 update

#1 Post by Moessieurs » Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:40 am

Hello Montage friends, here is details about the new Moessieurs update.
Even if the site is on French, you can use the Google translator tools to understand most of the information's.
Go to the "news" on the Menu to have the update resume and shortcuts to the web pages.

You will find on this update:

• Montage: new Moessieurs video: Vocoder & Parts (French subtitle english):
This video explain how to set Vocoder to a part and modulate it with another part without using a microphone, all settings and some examples.

• Montage: new Moessieurs page: AWM2 - Edit Element - OSC/Tune:
Moessieurs purpose you to start digging AWM2 synthesis thru Edit Element screens.
Story begin with OSC/Tune.

• Montage: Montage Waveform Editor de John Melas:

On 2018 june 25, John Melas release Montage Waveform Editor.
Moessieurs purpose you a overview of this "Must to have" software for discovering basics.
Price is 60 euro, view to the time win to reorganize your files directly on your computer, the way to modify your library that you cannot done on your Montage, importing and editing samples and creating waveforms, that's really the cherish on the cake you need to have.

• Montage: five new Yamaha Synth Official videos with Kevin MacManus:

Yamaha Synth Official have release five new videos with Kevin MacManus, Montage V 2.0 Tips, you can find them on Moessieurs on a dedicated page.

• Montage : three new Yamaha Synth Official Montage Minutes videos:

Yamaha Synth Official have release three new videos with Hans Peter Henkel, they are on Moessieurs Yamaha Europe page.

• Montage: Narfsound Yamaha Montage Favorite Covers Set Sound bank:
Yamaha Montage Favorite Covers Set Synth Keyboard Performances - narfsounds is a famous cover song bank with 16 performances & Live
Price is 33 $ so near 28 euro thru Paypal.

• Motif XS/XF, MoXF, Montage: Keyboard Waves Essential Synth Sounds Bank:

Keyboard Waves have release a new sound bank for Motif XS/XF/ compatible MoXF with Flash Memory, compatible Montage: Essential Synth Sounds.
This bank is a layer of famous synths like Virus TI, Andromeda A6, Novation Ultranova, Nord Stage 2, Korg Poly 61, DX7II, FM8, Massive, Reaktor…
Price is 24.90 euro, audio demos are available on Keyboard Waves website.

• Yamaha Music Production Guide 03-2018:

Le Yamaha Music Production Guide 03-2018 is available for download:

Overview of the current edition:

• Soundcheck: MONTAGE Soundlibrary Legacy Series

• Dtronics DT-RDX Controller for reface DX

• Soundmondo now for MONTAGE

• EAD10 meets a Cajon

• DTX402 Series

• Montage: Wole Oni MONTAGE & DTX-MULTI 12 video:

Wole Oni is coming back with a new video, this time with MONTAGE & DTX-MULTI 12, it's always a pleasure to hear and see him.

• Montage Sample robot: release delayed:
Sample Robot delayed to july is now push to mid august.
We will need to be patient to sample your favorite synths and put them on our Montage with it.

Nice surf on Unofficial Yamaha MONTAGE Community Forums, Moessieurs and he's Facebook webpage.
Montage 7-Motif XF8-Reface CP&DX-DXR12/MG124Cx/Line 6 StageScape M20d/Steinberg UR22 & CC121 avec Cubase Pro 9/Ketron SD2/LD MEI 1000 MG2/ Shure SE425/Presonus HP4 (x2) /Numark IDJ Pro/ Tc Helicon Voice Live Touch/ Shure SM58.

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