Moessieurs 2018 may 16 update :

This is the place to discuss what's new and upcoming, as well as what we wish the MONTAGE to be.
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Moessieurs 2018 may 16 update :

#1 Post by Moessieurs » Wed May 16, 2018 5:38 am

Hello Montage friends, here is details about the new Moessieurs update.
Even if the site is on French, you can use the Google translator tools to understand most of the information's.
Go to the "news" on the Menu to have the update resume and shortcuts to the web pages.

You will find on this update:

- Sound Village : Moessieurs wil be on Lourmarin the Fruitière Numérique:

I will be present for Moessieurs for the Sound Village on Yeah Festival 2018 at the Fruitière Numérique on Lourmarin, France, Saturday june 2 10h00 to 18h00 on Yamaha Stand with Stephane Puech et Beatik.
If you are on the Festival or visiting the place, come talk with us about Yamaha Montage and Reface’s and do not miss Stéphane and Beatik presentation at 16h00.

• Montage: New Moessieurs Yamaha Montage video: Mic and A/D output:
Find on this video what advantage and way to work you have to set your microphone output on Main L&R or Assignable L or R when your mic is connected to the A/D input on Yamaha Montage.

• Montage: SoundMondo for Yamaha Montage:

On the May first, month of the MIDI and for the Berlin Superbooth, Yamaha have open SoundMondo platform to the Yamaha Montage.
Now you can share your Montage performances after opening an account on the site.
I have made two pages for Moessieurs about using SoundMondo from your computer with Google Chrome and also on iOS, SoundMondo iOs app have been update too and support also Yamaha Montage direct connection or Bluetooth connection.

• Montage: John Melas Waveform Editor:

On he’s first Superbooth presentation, John Melas Software have announced for June the New Montage Waveform Editor, for this occasion, Moessieurs open the dedicated presentation page with this video.
Note that a page have been also made to share Montage tools and Performance Editor Superbooth videos.

• Montage: free sound bank Kapro CS80:

Yamaha CS-80 by Kapro : you can find a new Kapro free Sound bank on Yamaha MusicSoft website. CS80 previously made for Motif XF and MoXF have been update by Dr. Peter Jung to benefit Yamaha Montage Super Knob and others features.

• John Melas: Performance Editor Scenes:

Scenes screens on John Melas Software Performance Editor are now fully explain on a new Moessieurs page.

• Montage: SuperBooth videos:
Moessieurs purpose you all the Yamaha streaming video from Berlin Superbooth Yamaha Stage, thank’s to our Yamaha Synths friends who stream all this great videos along the 3 Superbooth day’s. I have also add the Sonic State video about Sample robot.

• Reface DX: D-tronics DT-RDX contrôleur pour Reface DX :

D-Tronics company from Netherland will release in august a Reface Dx dedicated controller for 299 euro.
Note that a DX7 controller is also available for this mythic 1983 synth.

• 3D Stands for Yamaha Reface:

3DWaves who made 3D printing supports have announced Reface Series Dual Support.
A little beat less 68 euro and 25 euro for ship prices from England, available in Black, Gray and White.

• Camelot Pro : software for logiciel hardware and Software instruments control:

The big point of this software is that you do not need to work with MSB/LSB, Camelot Pro team have work with famous synth factory’s to pre map them and have directly name patch selection. Of course a midi learn function is also in place.
Pdf, png and jpeg file can be add to each song and preview for example with your chord progression.
A playback module is also on road and cwill be add normally one month after the software release.
Each song you made with your hardware and or VST synth can have several Scenes has you want.
It will be available in september on Mac, Windows ans also on iOS.
Price is not communicate at this time.

Nice surf on Yamaha Montage Unofficial forum, Moessieurs and he's Facebook webpage.
Montage 7-Motif XF8-Reface CP&DX-DXR12/MG124Cx/Line 6 StageScape M20d/Steinberg UR22 & CC121 avec Cubase Pro 9/Ketron SD2/LD MEI 1000 MG2/ Shure SE425/Presonus HP4 (x2) /Numark IDJ Pro/ Tc Helicon Voice Live Touch/ Shure SM58.

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