MONTAGE Expanded by Easy Sounds & Cool Webinars

This is the place to download free content to expand the MONTAGE.
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MONTAGE Expanded by Easy Sounds & Cool Webinars

#1 Post by hunz » Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:23 pm

This is a great soundset I enjoyed immensely.

Even as the bank is free, due to rights control we can't offer a direct download on the forum.
To receive the bank, send an e-mail with the keyword „MONTAGE Goodies“ to:
The bank is also available on YamahaMusicSoft - Simply register to receive a direct download link.

Easy Sounds patches were created by Peter Krischker
Cool Webinars patches were created by Hans-Peter Henkel

The free Promotion Soundset „MONTAGE Expanded“ was produced by Yamaha Music Europe in cooperation with EASY SOUNDS and Cool Webinars. It contains a high-quality compilation of Performances of different categories.

The Promotion Soundset features:

• 128 Performances • „DX7-Selection“
• 64 Performances • „EASY SOUNDS“ Selection
• 64 Performances • Cool Webinars „Multiple Choice“

The "DX7 Selection" is based on 128 original DX7 Voices. It is a selection from sound categories like electric piano, chromatic percussion, guitar, organ, brass, and some more. After the import they were refined with effects as well as suitable Super Knob routings.

The "EASY SOUNDS" selection contains a selection from the following premium MONTAGE Soundsets:

• MONTAGE Phat Analog
• MONTAGE Xtasyn
• MONTAGE Live Instruments
• MONTAGE Nature of Chill

16 Performances each cover a very wide stylistic range and convey a good impression of the respective Soundset. The MONTAGE versions of these Soundlibraries are based on the products of the same name for the Yamaha MOTIF series, but have been extensively expanded using new features of MONTAGE. All Performances except the Drum Kits contain a Super Knob assignment. The Multi-Part-Performances contain up to eight Scenes and eight Parts, partly also FM-X Parts.

The 64 new Performances under the umbrella "Multiple Choice" by Cool Webinars are new MONTAGE Performances, which are divided into the following groups.

• Best Of Both Worlds - FM-X & AWM2 (8 Performances) This is a series of Performances consisting of one AWM2 and one FM-X Part. The
outstanding combination of both sound engines and the full polyphony of 128 voices are the main features of these Performances.

• FM-X - From Digital to Analog (8 Performances) As the name expresses, these Performances draw a bow from digital to analogue - but
exclusively with the use of FM-X-Parts.

• Keyboarder's Advantage (8 Performances) This compilation is intended for live keyboardists and contains typical Split and Layer
combinations as well as some song-related Performances.

• Groovy MONTAGE (16 Performances) These Performances are all Arpeggio-based and use the diverse possibilities of the Scenes, the Super Knob, as well as the Motion Control Synthesis Engine.

• Single-Part Piano- and E-Piano-Collection (8 Performances) This compilation is an excellent basis for the creation of Layers with additional Parts or simply as 128-voice Single-Part-Performances.

• Chillin’ Pads & Spheres (8 Performances) Motion Sequences are used in these Performances to provide interesting ambiences.

• Musical & Sound Effects (4 Performances)

• Cool 8Z Drum Kits (4 Performances) These Performances don't need any additional explanation, their names are self explanatory.

All Performances were programmed under consideration of two main aspects. The first aspect for the Performances is their immediate use for live situations. Both the sound as well as the contoller routing is optimised for the stage. The second aspect, which applies to all 64 Performances, is the exemplary demonstration of the possibilities to program MONTAGE for various musical applications.

Special features and notes
In the Performances "FM-X ... perience 1/2" the drums were also realised by FM-X-Parts. The Parts correspond to an instrument, such as bassdrum and snare drum. The Performance series "Club MONTAGE" is prepared for DJ-like live mixing. In addition to the possibilities that result from Part mutes and volumes, the Motion Sequences were partly decoupled from the Scenes. Instead, they act on the bass, allowing additional variations and/or possibilities within each Scene.

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Re: MONTAGE Expanded Library by Easy Sounds & Cool Webinars

#2 Post by Moessieurs » Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:41 pm

Montage Expanded is great free soundbank, to complete your announcement here is Manuele Montesanti video :

Montage 7-Motif XF8-Reface CP&DX-DXR12/MG124Cx/Line 6 StageScape M20d/Steinberg UR22 & CC121 avec Cubase Pro 9/Ketron SD2/LD MEI 1000 MG2/ Shure SE425/Presonus HP4 (x2) /Numark IDJ Pro/ Tc Helicon Voice Live Touch/ Shure SM58.

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Re: MONTAGE Expanded by Easy Sounds & Cool Webinars

#3 Post by nogsf » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:19 am

what a treasure is this pack! thanks!

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