8 Scenes x 8 Arpeggios

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8 Scenes x 8 Arpeggios

#1 Post by hunz » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:40 pm

The Montage has 8 scenes.

Each SCENE can recall any of eight Arp Phrases for the Part, and any of eight Motion Sequences for the Part. So that any Arp Phrase can be linked with any Motion Sequence in any of the eight Scenes. And of course, you can activate them directly with the [MOTION SEQ SELECT] and/or [ARP SELECT] buttons on the right front panel.

Additionally, Super Knob, Scene Recalls, and Foot Switch messages are global... this means that while you have an eight Part Arpeggio based musical creation (backing) going with Parts 1-8, you can use Parts 9-16 as your different direct play (lead) Parts. You select them one at a time.

Therefore you can be playing a lead solo across the entire keyboard while controlling musical sections with the Scene buttons and Super Knob (which continue to interact with your musical Arp phrase backing) while you use your other controllers on your selected lead. It’s like what you could do in the Motif XF with the freedom to have a lot more everything at your disposal.

When you start to get into constructing your “musical sections”, by either writing your own Arp phrases or selecting from the emmense library of Preset Arp, you can use the Super Knob to fade Parts in and out, making “Section” changes within a single Scene. For example, often the groove begins with out the drums, you can bring the drums in with the Super Knob within a Scene. The Super Knob and the Assign Knobs and Switches can be used to bring in Effects, as well as to switch sounds... etc., etc.

The Scene buttons can be used to memorize Arp phrases, Mute status, mixer settings, and certain synth tone generator offsets... so you can radically influence the sound of the backing tracks, change sections, all while you are playing on top, with the full keyboard (no need to split because your backing stuff is on separate channels under Arp, Super Knob/Scene/FS Control)

It’s one-way to work it.you can press the upper COMMON button when you want to interact with the KBD CTRL Parts and then return to your “lead” programs stored in any non-KBD CTRL Part.

I must warn you once you start building your own, you can’t stop creating music...

(Credit: Phil Clendeninn)

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