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About us

#1 Post by hunz » Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:46 pm

We're a group of people, who since many years are dedicated to Yamaha keyboards and lately, the Yamaha MONTAGE.

Remember the Yamaha EX5? That's right, this was the flagship workstation from Yamaha back in 1998. What's noticable about it today, in 2017, is that even now after almost 20 (!) years after release, ton of information is available freely, in an easy to search manner, in the community EX5Tech forums. The most amazing thing about it was the fact the community shared soundsets between them, reaching a comprehensive library of almost 100 user soundsets, probably more than 10,000 amazing voices / patches, available for free! until today. Here, have a look for yourself!


THIS is what we want the MONTAGE community to be. We want to fill that hole and have a thriving community to share ideas, sounds and information. Easily distinguishable forums split by sections that make sense. A community after all, is something that's developed within itself. It should be organic in nature and we know it.

As of today, there's no real community forum for MONTAGE. The official Yamaha forum is great, and we can happily co-exist next to each other. Some of our problems were that older information is hard to find in that forum system. Users can't interact between themselves, message each other, etc. All in all, it feels as its best purpose is technical support from Yamaha. and that's great for what it is and we appreciate it very much.

The MONTAGE is one of the best synths we ever had from Yamaha. Let's share it all between us and make it even greater!

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